Samsung Laptop Docking Stations

Samsung laptop docking stations

Samsung Laptop docking Stations come in many different styles and colors. Each different depending on the model number of your particular laptop and your needs. While one kind charges the q1 ultra and a second battery. Plus, the normal features of a laptop like the USB 2.0 ports and audio out with MIC in and a Kensington lock. Another kind acts like a full desktop expandability model.

Each of the Samsung Laptop Docking Stations are available for more than one type of laptop. For instance the 1st one is compatible with Q1U-XP and other models with Q1, while the 2nd one is P460-44G, plus a lot more starting with P as well. Each being the actual model name of your laptop matched with the Samsung docking station. This makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for!

Meanwhile, while the laptop is sitting in the dock, its helps the laptops features for an even crisper quality. It helps with the usage of the mouse the screen and the keyboard. Not to mention the fact that it's constantly charging the laptops battery. Oh and taking up space isn't an issue, its only 15.7'' (W) x 4.8'' (H) x 0.6-1.7''(D) The perfect size!

The Kensington lock is one that's sold separately for your laptop. But it's also on the P-Dock-PC Docking Station. This being optional on the purchase of your Samsung laptop dock station. There are many types of these and their sole purpose is to attach your laptop to a table. Just in case it falls or someone tries to walk off with it.

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